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Environmental Audit Committee: Inquiry into Housing Standards Review

The Environmental Audit Committee launched an inquiry into the Government consultation on the Housing Standards Review, which proposes “to wind down the role” of the Code for Sustainable Homes. It is taking oral evidence today. ACE submitted its written evidence to the Committee last week; the main points provided in evidence are:

  • The new Part L of the Building Regulations has not gone as far as anticipated in terms of the minimum standard it sets for new housing.
  • Against this backdrop, the justifications used for proposing to get rid of Code for Sustainable Homes energy standards and falling back to Part L alone, whilst proposing to amend or remove the Planning and Energy Act in consequence, are even flimsier and more narrow-minded than they would otherwise have been.
  • The proposals, if adopted, would reduce housing quality, increase running costs for occupants, damage localism and stifle construction innovation.
  • And the proposals are made all the more remarkable for their political naivety and short-sightedness.

Download our evidence, and read Andrew Warren’s earlier article on this topic.

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