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John Lewis – Bristol area trial

John Lewis is currently running a trial in the Bristol area offering an Energy Efficiency advice service, home assessment and installation of a selected range of improvements. We developed a set of tools to help them take customers from initial engagement to a point where they are able to make a decision and install improvements.  A customer facing ‘energy efficiency calculator’ tool is available on their website and in store at a touch screen terminal. It allows users to explore their options for improved energy efficiency in their own time and see the products that John Lewis are able to offer, when ready they can request a home visit from a John Lewis assessor. Further to this a more detailed assessor tool is used as part of a home visit to generate a more detailed report and to aid the assessor in discussing the options that might be suitable for the household.

See the customer tool here.

John Lewis

 The client’s experience

“We initially looked into the possibility of having an Energy Advice Tool as part of a trial to offer energy efficiency advice to our customers. Customers have different appetites for their own research and many want to do this online so an Energy Advice Tool was critical to our proposition.

There were a number of features we required  from the tool, the main ones were:

  • easy for customers to use
  • minimal barriers to getting started and the  ability to get to some suggestions as quickly as possible
  • ability to fine-tune and customise suggestions if customers wanted
  • advice focused on specific measures if that is where the customer was starting from
  • ability for customers to save results and return to them
  • an enhanced version of the tool for use by qualified energy assessors that integrated with the customer front-end

The process of getting the tool up and running involved a lot of detailed thinking, but no more than expected. The Energy Saving Trust, Solstice and ACE were able to follow an agile development process which definitely helped.

Now that the tool is up and running it is being used as part of our trial offering in the Bristol area, it is fulfilling a number of roles:

  • allowing customers to research appropriate actions for them to take
  • providing advisors with a structure to offer initial advice conversations with customers
  • allowing assessors to generate assessments and keep a record of the advice given

A key benefit we have seen from having the tool is that we have a structure for customer conversations in a new area, and a record of assessments and advice given to customers.”

Rob Martin, John Lewis Plc


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    Tom Fletcher


    John Lewis, a department store, now installing insulation and other energy efficiency products – what a joke – next the local milkman or local shops will want to jump on the band wagon and start installing similar. It is a well known scenario when these type of players enter these markets – the consumer has to wait eons for things to progress.


  • Avatar

    Arnold Wilkes


    I just used there calculator not bad as I could not get over some of the detail that we are doing to save energy so it thought our fuel bill was £800 instead of what it is £600.
    I hope they monitor there installers to ensure they do is to spec
    I don’t have a problem with John Lewis doing this if they do it might make there customers realise how important energy conservation is.


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