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Our response to CLG consultation on Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

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    the following was my response to the ‘consultation’.

    Please see the attached items. Building managers in Coventry are reminded of the Salix investment opportunities in addition to historic running averages of DEC ratings.( Down from 113 to 100)
    They can also see the Coventry improvement in Operational Ratings of about 13 points since the scheme started. This also has a monetary value when measured over about 160 buildings. If say 10% savings over 6 years both CRC and CO2 accrue together with perhaps £1m+ .

    New schools have no better Operational Ratings than old schools it seems. So concentrating on ‘older schools’ must be good and improving on new schools essential ! Is this the case nationwide?

    8 major buildings, next year to be 11, now have connection to Heatline the new Coventry central district heating scheme from waste disposal. This also saving issues with landfill.

    Compare the national averages to Coventry!

    Is anyone analysing the data?

    Finally, a Re: Fit Partner Bid Process has just been activated and in full swing! Perhaps DECC are not aware of this.


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