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Closer to home – devolving delivery of energy efficiency and fuel poverty services

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    Jon Lewes


    Pedro Guertler says :”We urge the government to work with us, councils and other stakeholders to come up with workable solutions”.

    For a “workable solution”, interesting to note that the need for locally provided , face to face, independent, unaffiliated advice is recognised by the CAB as being the most effective way of providing guidance to householders about their energy use..
    The Home Energy Centre in ilminster , South Somerset has been providing such assistance to the public since 2011..its walk-in town centre premises is open to all, with leaflets and other information available free, providing details of energy-efficiency measures, renewable energy, and of the government subsidies available..
    A provider of free Green Deal guidance is a part of the Centre’s work, together with helping the public, through Utility Watch, to reduce their electricity and gas bill by reviewing the householder’s usage profile, including a review of any energy-inefficient appliances..
    The Centre also delivers guidance and information through intra-connected channels including its Outside team attending with a stall at local community events , holding fortnightly Open Evenings with a themed Talk , and with a quarterly print publication and an e-newsletter..
    The pathfinder service provided by the Home Energy Centre is unique in UK , and could be expanded to form the basis for a network of similar Centres, providing face to face independent advice to every community, large and small, in UK..
    To achieve this greater presence throughout the UK the Home Energy Centre would be happy to discuss its successful blueprint with other communities and with Local Authorities

    Jon Lewes
    localGen Home Energy Centre, Ilminster


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