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“Lumbered with a backward-looking mindset”

Speaking at an event on delivering heat networks in Parliament today – organised and hosted by the Centre on Innovation in Energy Demand; Reframing Energy Demand: Innovation for Sustainable Heat; the UK Energy Research Centre; and the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology – ACE Director Joanne Wade made reference to an interesting and pertinent speech on energy given by David Cameron to the Local Government Association in 2006 (thanks to Electrical Review’s Gossage column in its Jan/Feb 2016 edition).

Cameron said that “where the [Labour] government sees nuclear power as the first choice, under our framework it would become a last resort.” “In Britain we are still lumbered with the same backward-looking, central-planning mindset that has dominated thinking on electricity since the first half of the last  century.” He concluded: “The future of energy is not top-down, it’s not centralised – it’s bottom-up and decentralised.”

In our view, very 21st century, but practitioners in energy efficiency, heat networks and renewables would be forgiven for thinking this is not the philosophy underpinning energy policy today. Let’s make sure it will be again.

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    Peter Smith


    It was always Greenwash from Cameron. The elite were never willingly going to support a decentralised energy policy that democratises the energy system, as that flies in the face of their need to retain absolute control. But it will take more the establishment to stop the Renewables Revolution.


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