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The market is not a black box

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    Phil Beynon


    Excellent article.

    The ‘black box’ description is in my humble opinion a good analogy.

    The black box is perhaps something that Governments want consumers to desire and thereby become believers of its capability to satisfy their wants/needs and thereby that of the Government.

    Believers appear to be in short supply, much to the disbelief of the ardent believers; another article described them as ‘refuseniks’.

    Turning the masses into believers may need to be thought of as a task beyond the wit of Governments, well wishers and the already converted. This was abundantly evident from the absolute and massively expensive failure of Green Deal (soon to be resurrected).

    My approach and assessment has always been that if you fill a room (for the umpteenth time) with the same people (usual suspects) that want it all to work, they will only see the good in their own ideas and repeat the same failings; this has been evident many times over since I first became engaged in the EE field in 1994 and the many marketing failures that have occurred, despite massive funds and resources being applied year in year out.

    Suggested key words to avoid during mass marketing strategy development: training, education, communities, information, Local Authorities, energy, EPC, etc.

    Suggested key words to focus upon: sales, selling, cold-calling, telesales, direct sales, interest free, simple, quick, guaranteed outcomes, etc.

    The latter tends to send shivers down the spines of many believers, hence the gap between aspiration and delivery when it comes to outcomes.

    In summary, the answer to opening the black box and shining a light into the furthest corners, it is not science; the start is the invitation list for the development meetings followed by acceptance that selling energy/carbon is best developed by those that sell and not those that ‘know’.

    Until the sector can swallow the selling poison pill, EE will continue to be way down on the list of consumers basics/needs/wishes aligned with a willingness to party with their money.

    Alternatively, of course we can take the “force the buggers to believe approach” and ignore our tiny worldwide contribution that Donald Trump may wipe out in a few days.

    Food for thought?

    Happy New year!!!


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