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Argyris Oraiopoulos – Researcher

With a background in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Water & Environmental Engineering (both awarded from the University of Surrey), Argyris went on to work for Costain Group plc before deciding to return to London to study for a MSc in Environmental Design & Engineering at UCL. At UCL he developed an interest on energy demand reduction and Urban Heat Island (UHI) mitigation strategies, with his studies focusing on the effect of new dwellings on the urban local microclimate, using a 3D computational model.

Argyris completed his PhD at Loughborough University where he developed an empirical model that is able to predict summertime overheating in UK homes, using descriptive time series analysis.

Prior to joining ACE, Argyris was employed as a Research Associate at Loughborough University, working on neighbourhood scale energy modelling mapping and visualisation.

Argyris’ research interests include:

  • Overheating (criteria and modelling)
  • Empirical – data driven models
  • Energy policy
  • Dynamic thermal simulation modelling
  • Occupant behaviour and attitudes
  • Public engagement and education (STEM & Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Ambassador)

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