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Energy efficiency policy projection

ACE Research has a unique set of tools designed for policy projection in the home energy efficiency sector. This means that we are able to explore the implications of alternative policy options and ensure that policy decisions have a firm evidence base.

Our projection tools have helped to answer the following questions:

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“What is the scale of fuel poverty among families with children?”  Read more…

ACE Research projection tools

The process of policy projection starts with the latest available data on the housing stock, the people who live there and the cost of fuel. This data is inevitably out of date so the first step is to bring the data up to the present day. We can then apply the new policy and model the influence it has. The stages of the process are described in the diagram below.

HSOT diagram

Housing Stock Optimisation Tool

One of the more complex aspects of the policy projection process described above is modelling the influence of improvements to the energy efficiency of the housing stock. To do this ACE Research has developed our Housing Stock Optimisation Tool (HSOT). Read more about HSOT here.


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