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About ACE Campaigns

The ACE campaigns team has successfully kept the issue of energy conservation at the forefront of the national media for many years.  We maintain close working relations with politicians, officials and other key decision-makers, along with many other pressure groups, NGOs and key energy related organisations.

ACE has been acknowledged to be one of the most successful lobby groups in the UK, and will continue to exert pressure at home and in the European institutions to ensure that energy conservation is not overlooked.

ACE’s tireless campaigning has:

  • developed the concept of securing funding for energy saving programmes (EEC, CERT, ECO etc.) via the energy companies, rather than public expenditure;
  • ensured that Building Regulations have been regularly upgraded to achieve greater energy efficiency;
  • secured both primary and secondary legislation to introduce a minimum energy efficiency standard for the private rented sector;
  • been responsible for the vast majority of energy efficiency legislation since 1995, as well as delivering various reductions to VAT rates on energy saving materials.

But this is not enough – here are ACE’s Seven Energy Efficiency Asks for the 2015-2020 Parliament:

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