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Research Team present five papers at ECEEE Summer Study

Research Team present five papers at ECEEE Summer Study

The ACE Research Team presented five papers this year at the bi-annual energy efficiency conference organised by the European Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy, the 2011 Summer Study.

The team’s papers presented original thought collated for the purpose of the conference covering the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, finance for energy efficiency, the potential for a stamp duty differential to drive energy efficiency improvements, fuel poverty policy and the potential for a revival of the least cost energy planning approach.

The papers can be downloaded below:

Levelling the playing field through least-cost energy planning: in limbo, too late or just right?

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Energy Company Obligation,Energy Efficiency,Fuel Poverty,Green Deal

A future obligation on energy companies

Second paper in a series identifying options for the future of fuel poverty and energy efficiency policy

This paper, written with the support of Carillion Energy Services, is the second in a series identifying options for the future of fuel poverty programmes and household energy efficiency policy. It examines the options for the design of, and priorities for, the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in the context of the Green Deal policy framework.

Download full report  here

The paper explores the objectives for the new ECO as set out in the Energy Bill 2011 and their influence on the way in which the new programme might be designed. The ambition for the programme is considered along with its ability to deliver simultaneously on the multiple objectives – delivery on carbon and fuel poverty targets, promotion of solid wall insulation and underpinning the Green Deal.

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Consumer Focus,Green Deal

Green Deal: Access for all

Making the Green Deal a fair deal

This report, commissioned by Consumer Focus and undertaken by ACE, the Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Energy Saving Trust, examines the potential impact of the Green Deal, looking at different consumer groups and property types, and considering the benefits both for individual householders and national policy goals for fuel poverty and CO2 emission reductions.

Download full report here

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Fuel Poverty,Green Deal

A Fair Green Deal

First paper in a series identifying options for the future of fuel poverty policy

(With support from Eaga)

Energy efficiency policy and fuel poverty programmes are experiencing their biggest ever shake-up. The high ambitions for the untested Green Deal finance package, the full overhaul of the Supplier Obligation alongside the winding down of Warm Front, and the introduction of an incentive for renewable heat combine to form a sea change in how energy efficiency and fuel poverty objectives are financed and delivered. There is uncertainty around each new programme, as well as how they combine into a coherent strategy for energy efficiency that will succeed where previous programmes have failed to stem the dramatic increase in the number of fuel poor households.

It is against this backdrop that this paper – the first in a series identifying options for the future of fuel poverty policy – examines the potential for ensuring Green Deal finance is flexible enough to be accessible and beneficial to fuel poor and low income households.

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