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Flexible inputs

Energy Advice Tool

ACE Research, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust and Solstice Associates, has developed a way of helping households to find the right energy measures for their home. 

Rising energy bills are now a major financial concern for many households. However, advice on reducing energy use is not always straight forward. There are many different options and the right choice may depend on factors such as the type of property and how the occupants behave. At the same time, many organisations are finding it harder and more time consuming to identify households that could benefit from efficiency improvements. The Energy Advice Tool aims to tackle both these problems by getting the right information to households and creating leads for your organisation.

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Advice for households

The Energy Advice Tool provides a trusted source of information that explains the options for improving the energy efficiency of the home and generating renewable energy on-site. It then helps to identify a package of improvements that can be  taken forward by the household.

Flexible inputs, answer just six questions about the property to get quick advice or tell us more about the areas you are interested in. Flexible inputs mean that a detailed assessment can be achieved without putting off those households that would like quick results.

Flexible inputs

Relevant Recommendations, the tool can automatically select a suitable package of improvements based on your goals and budget. Whether you are interested in improvements that save money, reduce environmental impact or will cause the least disruption to the home the Energy Advice Tool will sift through thousands of combinations of improvements and select a package which provides the best bang for your buck.

Helpful outputs, practical advice and information about improvements are available throughout the tool and a final report presents all the information needed to guide you to the next stage in improving the energy performance of your home.

Helpful Outputs

Benefits for your organisation

Reporting and lead generation, find households that are interested in improving their homes and know in advance the offers that will suit them. The tool can be aligned with existing CRM or marketing systems, allowing you to improve the customer journey and reduce conversion times. It allows you to collect customer information and build your own database.

Always up to date, to provide relevant home energy advice it is vital to keep up to date with the latest fuel prices, technologies and Government policy. The Energy Advice Tool service includes regular updates to fuel prices, performance and cost data of available technologies and the implementation of any changes to the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for the energy performance of homes.

Flexibility built in, the Energy Advice tool is built on our unique ‘Dynamic Engine’ which can provide energy advice through a whole range of different services. Different interfaces can be created, powered by the same engine but adapted for specific uses – from a customer web tool or a simple call centre advice mechanism to a more detailed in-home assessment tool. This flexibility allows you to design a tool or set of integrated tools that meet your organisation’s needs.


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