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Local stories

What are local stories?

There is a clear need to build a stronger cross-party political consensus on the importance of energy efficiency. In response to this need, ACE has begun to translate the multiple benefits of energy efficiency into clear and engaging ‘local stories’. These combine facts and figures about the potential for energy efficiency in local buildings with stories from people who work to deliver energy efficiency and people who have felt the benefits themselves. The resulting reports engage national and local politicians, and the local press, and are helping to build support for more energy efficiency investment.

How to get involved

Do we have a local story for your area already?  If so, please do use it in whatever way helps you.  Also, if you know about local action that we haven’t included, let us know: if we can add them to the story, we will.

No story for your area yet? To write the story for a new area, we need two things: funding (£2,500 per story) and information about local action. If you would like a story for your area and have ideas about funding or local action, please contact us at localstories@ukace.org.


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